Proudly supporting Rehab Bali

As a business based in Legian in Bali, we like to get involved in the local community and offering support for them.   We have a regular customer of ours Scott Mynors who began ordering in late 2016 for a friend in the UK, and through this association we became aware of some incredible work he was doing in Bali in setting up a Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Detox and Rehabilitation Centre.

Scott we found out was a psychologist, and had been involved in setting up other Addiction Recovery centres in Bali including Seasons Bali, and the centre located in Canggu Sivana Bali – but this time he was setting up his own centre for Alcohol Rehab in Bali and treatment of illegal and prescription drug addiction also.

Scott has helped hundreds, if not thousands of people with their challenges in learning find a life of happiness drug and alcohol free, and as is typical of these centres he focuses on building an approach to healthy living and lifestyle which includes focusing not only on the mental aspects of addiction recovery, but also on the physical aspects – so his programme includes activities such as Yoga, Surfing, daily walks and activities for clients with addition.

We couldn't be prouder to be a patron of this new Centre based in Sanur, and look forward to supporting Scott and the team not only with Big Size clothing for his friends or family, but in supporting the fantastic work with addicts and people needing treatment or detox for drug and alcohol related issues.